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Post By: Neoslinger

Support Clawid in Cebu Seo Contest

It is a great pleasure to help another SEO participants in the Seo Contest. There are some Seo Contest like the Busby SEO Challenge, Kabonfootprint. One of the Seo Contest here in the Philippines is the Cebu Seo Contest of the PHblogger dot Net. Clawid is joining the the Cebu Seo Contest and if ever he will win the Cebu Seo Contest, well that is the first time and I am happy to be a part of it.

His Entry in Cebu Seo Contest are the following:

Well good luck to clawid and I hope he will win the contest. Just don't forget to give any incentives to me if ever you will win. lolz..:D

Post By: Neoslinger

Kabonfootprint SEO Contest

SEO Contest is everywhere.... and people are trying to find some contest over the net to gain money, ranks and popularity. But there's a new SEO Contest aside from the Busby SEO Challege last July. This is the Kabonfootprint SEO Contest for the UK Webmaster.

The Keyphrase is Kabonfootprint. My entry in the Kabonfootprint SEO Contest is Kabonfootprint First Step at Just check it out guys. The content of the Kabonfootprint First Step is all fiction.

I hope I can win the SEO Contest....! whehehe

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